Monday, January 14, 2008

Finding "Home"

Wes and I visited Gainesville, FL last week to tour the school I'll be attending in the fall. It's a congested college town, home to the University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College (where I'll be). And while it wasn't this great town filled with lots of stuff to do, nor was it anything close to resembling an actual city, I really did like it. It's kind of a center point for many things, with the Ocean, the Gulf, Jacksonville, and Orlando each a little over an hour away.

Aside from Gainesville, we also took a day trip to St. Augustine, which is along the east coast of Florida. We walked along St. Augustine beach while I dipped my feet into the Atlantic Ocean (seen in the picture). The town was so beautiful and historic, largely untouched by commercialism like so many other popular beach locations in Florida. Yes, there was still some touristy stuff, but it seemed more like the snowbird and local Floridian tourist spot rather than the spring breakers. As we walked along the beach, I was just so content and told Wes how I cannot wait until we have our dog Jiko again and can take her walking along the beach with us (the entire town, including the beach, is extremely pet friendly) while we enjoy crab cakes and lemonade.

Wes and I have desired to move to Florida since we first honeymooned there in 2000. We feel so at home there...the heat, the lush beauty (I love the sight of palm trees) even has a distinct smell to it, most likely coming from the vegetation. Ok ok, and also possibly due to the fact that it's home to Walt Disney World. But seriously, Florida just feels like home to us. So being able to visit where we'd eventually be living was so homey. I have become increasingly excited about our upcoming move which is only a few months away!!

I love that feeling of peace that God gives...the one you get when you know you're at home. Not that Gainesville will be our permanent home (as we will likely move to Pensacola for a couple of years after I finish up at the one school before finally settling into Orlando), but it's just Florida in general. And now I have to wait to go home...and that's the hard part. But it will be worth the wait!!

For more details on our trip to Florida, visit my other blog.

Photo of the Atlantic Ocean by Mary King (me)


Ex-Shammickite said...

Craver sent me over to visit you, as I blogged about red hair today and he said you're a redhead!
I love your post about Florida. I've camped at St Augustine Beach for the past 3 years, but this year we went a little further south and stayed at Ormond Beach. St Augustine is so lovely, so old and historical. We usually take our bicycles and bike around the little streets. Lovely!

Craver Vii said...

Despite my hatred for Myspace, I visited your other blog (I always do), and I liked the pictures! I clicked on one to save it for myself, but it ignored me. Now I'm sad. Very, very sad.

If dogs can be Christians, Jiko is Baptist. Well, she keeps wetting stuff, anyway. I am just about ready to make her wear a diaper. Plus, I think she will have to wear house slippers, because her claws are really, really sharp.

One more thing... the prospect of a longer distance between us is made easier by the frequent calls, emails and blog posts, but I'll still miss you.

Mary said...

ex-shammickite, admittedly on our way to St. Augustine I was wondering how much I would really enjoy it...but I just absolutely fell in love with it. I can easily see myself trying to pull my husband for weekend get aways there as often as I can. It's just so charming and peaceful!!

Dad, which picture were you trying to save? I can email it to you. I also have all the pics loaded on facebook and in my myspace albums. On other notes, I'll try and find dog nail clippers that I can send to you all, I wonder if that might be the issue. How is she on food? I'll miss you guys too. You'll have to visit lots!!!!